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Reasons to Work With Us

Partnership and Support

We consider ourselves your partners in making important life decisions, prioritising protecting you, your loved ones and your wealth. 

We are dedicated to understanding your unique needs today and in the future, ensuring that the financial products we recommend are suitable for you.

Values-Driven Approach

Our services are built on three core values:

acting in good faith,

avoiding foreseeable harm,

and assisting you in pursuing your financial objectives.

These principles guide our actions and recommendations.

Excellent Client Care

We provide exceptional client care and ongoing support. Our goal is to offer fair recommendations for financial products that align with your situation and objectives.

We offer advice, support, and help you understand the available options.

Thorough 4-Meeting Process

Our 4-meeting process is designed to ensure a clear understanding of your needs and financial goals. These meetings can be conducted in person or online and cover collecting relevant data, determining desired outcomes, presenting suitable options, and assisting with the application process.

The first two meetings and the last two meetings can be combined. Or they can be held separately from one another.

After each meeting, you receive a summary for reference.

Organisation and Information

We keep you organised and informed throughout the process. Our Case Management system, Proteus 3, stores all important information, communications and documents related to your case for easy access.

Additionally, we remind you of renewal dates before they are due.

Ongoing Support and Review

We maintain an ongoing duty to ensure the financial product you have purchased remains suitable for your circumstances. We navigate the financial product market to keep you safe and regularly review your file to ensure your circumstances have not significantly changed.

Layered Communication

We tailor the information provided to you based on your needs and financial goals. Depending on your preferences, you receive newsletters relevant to your goals and aspirations, with options to unsubscribe at any time.

Qualified Advisors

Our advisors undergo rigorous training and each advisor has a personal professional development plan, ensuring they possess the necessary certifications and expertise.

Our Advisors receive annual competency training and stay up to date with compulsory continuous learning.

Holistic Approach to Being Protected

With our sister company, a specialist law firm, we are able to provide additional services such as free Will reviews by a qualified solicitor and convenient access to various services under one roof, saving you time and energy.

Client Profile

While we aim to assist individuals in achieving their financial objectives, we may not be the right fit for  straightforward cases or for those who do not see the value in professional services.

Our clients are typically busy specialists who appreciate and recognise the value of specialist expert advice.

By choosing to work with us, you can expect a high level of service, comprehensive expertise, and a commitment to your financial well-being and protection.

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Meet the Team

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About: Team
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Shak Inayat | Director & Qualified Mortgage Broker 

I am CeMAP qualified and with Penn Financial we provide professional mortgage broking, life, protections and insurance services. Fully independently, in an unbiased manner and with having access to the whole of the market. 

On the Phone

How we work

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What questions your mortgage advisor will ask you

Your mortgage broker will carry out a 4 stage process that in cases of urgency we can combine together where possible.

1. Stage 1 - Enquiry of Personal Information

Your advisor will complete a fact-find to establish your needs and circumstances. Expect them to ask you questions including:

  • What is your budget?

  • What is your income and how long have you been at your current job?

  • What outgoings do you have?

  • Do you have bad credit?

  • Do you have any dependents?

2. Stage 2 - Technical Enquiry

Your advisor will then complete the remainder of the fact find to establish your mortgage aspirations. Expect them to ask you questions including:

  • Have you had a mortgage in the past?

  • How much deposit do you have and what is its source?

  • What type of property do you want to buy and where is it located?

With that information, we will then start undertaking the necessary research of the most suitable product for your needs that you meet the lending criteria for.  How long that takes will depend on the complexity of the case, but we work with you fully understanding that you lead a busy life and may have time constraints. 

3. Stage 3 - Report Stage

Once all that research has been undertaken, we then prepare a full report for you and send it to you in advance of our 3rd meeting so that the information is already digested and areas of concern can be focussed on and addressed.

Once any changes are factored in and you are happy to proceed with our recommendations we then proceed onto the final stage:

4. Stage 4 - Application

Then at that stage, we assist you / or on your behalf / or together we make the formal application to the mortgage company as appropriate.

Once the application is submitted, we continue to manage and review the application to the Offer stage and once that is completed, we again still continue to manage and review your case until Completion has finally taken place.

What qualifications should a Mortgage Broker have?

We ensure that the mortgage advisors hold an industry-standard qualification recognised by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

This would either be a:

  • Certificate in Mortgage Advice and Practice (CeMAP) – this is the industry benchmark qualification for authorised mortgage brokers and advisors

  • Chartered Insurance Institute Certificate in Mortgage Advice (Cert MA) – this qualification also meets the FCA’s expectations for mortgage advisors

We always check whether the brokers we work with hold these qualifications, but if you want to double check the credentials of any one of our advisors, you can look them up on the FCA Register by searching for their name or our company name. 

Terms of Business | Onboarding 

The FCA requires us to send you a document known as an Initial Disclosure Document or IDD before we start discussing any matter with you.

That contains rudimentary but necessary information about who we are, your rights, our regulator's details, our charges and so on.

We, however, of our own volition then send you more fuller and more detailed terms of business letter that gives more detailed data that you may wish to retain and be aware of such as data protection privacy information and so on.

Full transparency at your fingertips - and on our case management system that you can access online 24/7 free of charge and see the progress of your case in real time.

Updates | Proteus 3

Proteus is our flagship case management and back-office system designed to efficiently manage workflow and to provide clients with access to all important details of their matter(s).

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Penn Financial is Part of Penn Group of Companies 

Established in 2007, Penn Group is a unique "one-stop" solution for a wide range of professional services that give you peace of mind: protecting you, your loved ones and your wealth.

The Group has grown alongside our clients and the list of services we provide has been curated over time to provide our clients with what they need. We are now, proudly, the go-to professionals for many who see the advantages of being able to resolve complex issues under one roof at the same time.

Our advisors collaborate across our sister companies, communicate with each other, and work towards your goals. Each department and each expert advisor offers their own perspective based on their professional opinion and dovetail that advice to deliver the best outcomes possible for you.

To assist that aim, the advanced technology, built in-house, ensures that we remain at the forefront of IT developments thereby delivering the transparent solutions that our clients seek, on time every time. We have a reputation for applying a strategic approach to achieve exceptional results.

Each company within Penn Group is a limited company - a separate business entity - regulated by its own regulatory body; full details of which can be found on the back page and on our website:

Welcome to Penn Group
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