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About Penn Financial

Welcome to Penn Financial


We are part of Penn Group of Companies specialising in mortgages, life insurance, protection and general insurance. 


We help people with their life-changing decision making, we build relationships that last, by providing our clients by the way of friendly personal service without delay and with the minimum of expense.

We are part of Penn Group of Companies, our mission is to provide exceptional professional services in our areas of expertise in an efficient and friendly manner. Being part of a group of professional services companies allows us to help you in a strategic and holistic way, enabling long term solutions to problems. We assist in areas in which we have specialist knowledge only. 


High standards of care that our clients have come to expect beyond industry standards.

Why Penn Financial 

At Penn Financial we specialise in providing you with quality, professional mortgage broking, life insurance, protection and general insurance advice that you can trust. Whatever your circumstances.

We are dedicated to providing our discerning clients with the highest level of service and utmost personal attention.


We invest time in all our customers ensuring they get the best outcomes. 

Offering services for individuals.

We are have access across the market. We are not biased and nor are we restricted. 


We pride ourselves on obtaining our work through referrals without any aggressive marketing or advertising. That is the Penn Financial way.

We have no sales processes. Instead, what we have is diligence, integrity and professionalism.


We pride ourselves to these standards, and this is what makes us premium. This is what sets us apart.

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