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Shared Ownership Scheme Mortgages

Shared Ownership Scheme Mortgages

Purchasing a property outright in the traditional way can be very costly and out of the reach of many key workers and first-time buyers. A possible alternative is a shared ownership scheme.  

Shared ownership schemes are also sometimes referred to as part buy/part rent. 

Shared ownership schemes allow buyers to purchase a share or proportion of a home – usually between 25% and 75%.  

As you only need a mortgage for the share that you intend to purchase, the amount of money required for the mortgage obviously reduces and therefore deposit is also often much lower compared to purchasing a property outright. 

The builder or housing association then retains ownership of the other 50% which you can buy in sections over time as your circumstances improve. 

During the time that the builder or housing association owns the remaining share, you continue to pay (usually) a below market value rent on the remainder together with any service charge and ground rent.

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